Exceptional glycol heaters and chillers.

Always over-built. Never over-engineered. Since 1972.

What We Do

Since 1972, Tanktemp has manufactured specially designed glycol heaters and chillers for breweries, distilleries and wineries. Our equipment is portable, powerful, efficient and proven to last decades.


Tanktemp units are manufactured of commercial-quality refrigeration components designed to chill past “phase change” at 32°F. The components in every Tanktemp unit - compressor, valves, condenser, heat exchanger, and pumps - are designed to operate at the lower temperatures and higher pressures required by beverage manufacturers.

Some chiller manufacturers use air conditioning components in their units. These components are for higher-temperature applications such as air conditioning or machine cooling, and not at all suited for beverage production. DON'T BUY THESE. A/C components are designed to cool to 50°F vs the 25°F required in most beverage industries.

Tanktemp offers energy-efficient alternatives to accurately control the temperature of your products in the most effective method possible. More control, faster results, less energy.

Over 1000 wineries have trusted us with their wine for over 40 years. Find out why.

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How We Roll

You always heard "they don’t build them like they used to." Well, we do. Our founder, Curt Jungwirth always demands that we keep it simple and focus on building robust, easy-to-service products. When working with humidity, liquids and the harsh environments of a winery, brewery or distillery, over-engineering products with gadgets and gizmos does not yield solid dependability. We embrace simplicity and elegance so our products will work as long and as hard as you do, year after year, decade after decade.

We only use the best, most durable and readily available components. Our supplier partners should be able to have any part on a Tanktemp unit within 48 hours or less, if not call us we generally have every part in stock. No 3-8 weeks waiting for control board.

Made right here in the USA. Veteran-owned.

Made right here in the USA. Veteran-owned.

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What People are Saying


Ken Wright of Ken Wright Cellars in Carlton, Oregon (15,000 cases) knows dialing in a temperature curve between hot and cold is critical.

"Timing is important. We want to get to temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Tanktemp Control's equipment we can take a one-and-a-half ton fermentor that has been in a deep, cold soak to 65 degrees in 10 minutes."

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