The Super-Portable Line

This is the second in our series of “meet our products” articles. Last month, we told you about our flagship product, the SPEEDTEMP™ DUO™ DX. This month, we’re going to the other end of our product line – our super-affordable, super-durable Super-Portable Series devices.

Our Super-Portables come in a number of configurations, to heat only, to chill only, or to heat and chill in one device. These units are conventional glycol heaters and chillers, built tough, and priced affordably. And of course they’re backed by our best-in-the-business warranty.

The Super-Portable line is there for you from start-up to scale-up, adding flexible BTUs where and when you need them.

When starting out, or when undergoing expansion, you are on a budget; every dollar counts and you need every advantage. We understand, and that’s why we created the Super-Portable line. Starting or growing in the winery business is all about the right long-term investments, investments that last and pay off year after year, allowing you to reach the next level no matter what that may be. You need value for your dollar. With compelling pricing and typical Tanktemp durability and longevity, our Super-Portables are a no-brainer.

So, let’s start with our Speedtemp Solo Heater PH series. In 240V and 480V configurations, this little guy is nimble and packs a punch. Just roll it up to your tanks, click on the quick-release brass and go. No dedicated floorspace. Use it where you need it.

Next up is our smallest (but big in performance) chiller, the Speedtemp Solo Chiller CC. Small, tough and precise. When you need to crash a tank like now, just plug it in and go.

Finally, meet our Super-Portable multi-tool, the Speedtemp Duo Heater/Chiller HC. Giving you all the benefits of both the Solo Heater and the Solo Chiller in one device for the maximum amount of flexibility in a single, affordable, portable device.

The Super-Portable Series allows you instantly add a little more BTU power and flexibility to your production floor. Roll them up, plug and play. Adding BTU capacity has never been easier: no hard lines needed, minimal power requirements, all in super compact portable carts. 40 inches long and 27 inches wide, these guys can go anywhere you need them, and can handle up to three tanks each.

No matter if you have been around for decades or if you’re just starting out, the Super-Portable Series from Tanktemp offers the best BTU valve on the market, period. We are here to help you be more efficient, flexible, effective and to reach that next level of excellence. Call today, yeah?