We Do MORE with LESS Energy at Tanktemp Control

Tanktemp Control can help you do more with less energy in your winery, brewery or distillery—reducing energy costs, and increasing your productivity and profits. We understand complex beverage mechanical systems of all types, and we know how to optimize your systems without sacrificing performance or longevity.

Let us help you reduce your energy consumption with our New DX DIRECT-EXCHANGE HEATER/CHILLER HCDX series. Our exclusive system is the only direct-exchange plus Liquid Heat Pump™ combination heater/chiller on the market. For example, our stainless steel coaxial heat exchanger is faster and nearly 4 times more efficient than anything else out there. Wine or liquid is pumped directly through the exchanger, totally eliminating the loss of efficiency typical of transferring heat to and from glycol. Driving the unit is our Liquid Heat Pump™, which is more than twice as fast and also approximately four times time more efficient than conventional solutions.

Are you planning a new facility or expanding your existing facility? We also achieve exemplary results in new construction and capital projects. For 30 years, Tanktemp Control has spearheaded projects with many industrial refrigeration systems in the US and Canada. Our approach to existing establishments includes facility tune-ups focusing on Energy Management.

Energy Management

You will achieve energy savings that are measurable, reliable and sustainable. At Tanktemp Control, energy management is our single product or service. Energy management is a business strategy that emphasizes technological elements to produce measurable energy-cost savings, reliable performance, and sustainable results.

Tanktemp Control Strategies Focus on these Core Elements
  • Communicating a solid commitment to your productivity
  • Establishing savings targets
  • Implementing energy measurement with our equipment
  • Coaching, and mentoring your staff
  • Conducting comprehensive tune-ups using proven approaches and technologies
  • Following up to ensure that recommendations are properly implemented
  • Evaluating and recommending capital improvements and investments
  • Applying innovative solutions
Cut Expenses While Improving Performance

With our unique and proven technological features, our experienced team of professional engineers will collaborate with key members of your staff to navigate the process of reducing your energy costs.

This includes:

  • Designing equipment that works within your beverage culture
  • Setting attainable energy- and cost-reduction goals
  • Implementing a communication plan
  • Responsibility for improving efficiency
  • Examining your facility and its operation with a fresh set of eyes
  • Providing feedback tools to identify performance degradation
  • Strategic consulting and coaching on appropriate cost-effective capital investments in our equipment

Let Tanktemp Control help you reduce your energy consumption.

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