This month we begin a series of articles laying out what our products do for you. Today we're going to be talking about our top-of-the-line device, the SPEEDTEMP™ DUO™ DX, and we're pretty excited to tell you about it.

Here's the scoop. The Duo™ DX is in a class all by itself. A class of its own. We had to imagine a whole new class to put this in.

Perhaps you're thinking, "what's the big deal? A heater is a heater and a chiller is a chiller." Usually you'd be correct (although our conventional devices push the boundaries a little bit), but in the case of the Duo™ DX, it is indeed a big deal. The Duo™ DX isn't like anything else.

Our product page says this about the Duo™ DX:

The SPEEDTEMP DUO™ DX DIRECT-EXCHANGE HEATER/CHILLER series are our direct-exchange Liquid Heat Pump™ combination heating/chilling units. Allowing you to heat OR chill with one device, and delivering up to 60,000BTU with the 5-horsepower model and up to 90,000BTU with the 7.5-horsepower model, these units easily meet the high-volume demands of your winery. We stock the Duo™ DX in 5- and 7.5-horsepower configurations. All these units are portable, allowing you to be nimble and to reconfigure your setup quickly and easily.

Allow me to expand on that.

All of our equipment is the absolute toughest of the tough, and incredibly accurate when dialing in and holding a temperature. We manufacture our products here in Oregon with all-aluminum frames and chassis, using only proven, top-quality components. Our products are already your best choice for heating or chilling, and we wanted to push the envelope further, focusing on energy efficiency without compromise.

With the Duo™ DX, we've leveraged all our strengths and added some innovation - plus a little mad science - to create the absolute toughest, most effective and most precise piece of equipment we've ever made. The ballsy Duo™ DX brings it, brings it faster and brings it while using less energy. Like a lot less. Affordably priced, ridiculously rugged, incredibly powerful, crazy energy-efficient, and precise as a scalpel, this will be the most important tool in your arsenal and your go-to device.

Interested yet? We thought you might be.

The Duo™ DX is the only direct-exchange plus Liquid Heat Pump™ combination heater/chiller on the market. Our stainless steel coaxial heat exchanger is incredibly fast and efficient, as in unmatched. Not just "there's nothing faster," but truly "there's nothing else out there that can do this." Wine or liquid is pumped directly through the exchanger, totally eliminating the loss of efficiency typical of transferring heat to and from glycol. Driving the unit is our Liquid Heat Pump™, which is more than twice as fast and approximately four times time more efficient than conventional solutions.

While we do manufacture some tough-as-nails, super-affordable conventional heaters and chillers, with the Duo™ DX we expanded our focus to maximize effectiveness and energy efficiency. To that end, we've developed our exclusive Liquid Heat Pump™ which operates at an average 3.8 co-efficiency of performance, meaning it's about four times more efficient than a conventional product (and also about two times faster). Pushing efficiency further, we combined our Liquid Heat Pump™ with our exclusive direct-exchange (DX) coil. This approach is unique in that rather than transferring heat into and out of glycol, this piece of food-grade equipment heats or chills directly by passing wine or juice through its stainless steel coaxial heat exchanger. This means fast.

The combination of these two innovations makes The Duo™ DX the embodiment of innovation in heating and chilling.

Need to crash a tank, like now? The Duo™ DX is what you want. When you need to make a steep temperature differential, when you need to do it fast, the Duo™ DX is the tool for that. It can bring a 2000 gallon tank from 75 degrees to 30 degrees in as little as 30 hours. Nothing else out there can do this. Need to hold a temperature, precisely, for days or weeks? The Duo™ DX can hold your tanks at your target temperature within 1 degree fahrenheit, reliably and without fail. We well know that improper temperature is the number one reason for fermentation failure. The Duo™ DX is your insurance policy, eliminating this risk.

We know you want one right now. We understand. We make it easy for you to get the equipment you need. We take cash, checks, credit cards and bank transfers. We once traded a guy for a horse. We also have partners offering affordable leasing and financing. Call today and we'll hook you up. Literally.

Specifications and pricing here.