About us

We are the American muscle of the liquid heating and chilling world. Our equipment is effective, efficient and built to last. We are simply the best at heating and chilling in the beverage industries. This is what we do.  

Tanktemp Control offers our customers energy-efficient alternatives for equipment in wineries, breweries and distilleries. We accurately control the temperature of your products in the most effective method possible.

Not only built better, we have pioneered and patented several products based upon the industry’s only Liquid Heat Pump™ for heating or chilling liquids.

More control, faster results, less energy. This is what we’re about.

Over 1000 wineries have trusted us with their wine for over 40 years. Find out why.

Our founder

Curt Jungwirth, an inventor who holds several patents, hates solid-state circuitry because solid-state parts aren't readily repairable. But let him work with relay switches and standard circuits and he’s able to build almost anything.

That’s how he built his integrated heat exchanger that dramatically improves energy efficiency in heating and chilling systems. By taking advantage of the natural laws of physics, his system yields an average 3.8 coefficiency of performance.

With a world population expected to grow substantially in the near future, the negative impacts of climate change upon agriculture production, the growing scarcity of freshwater sources, and the increasing costs of fossil fuel production, low tech, sustainably designed heating and chilling systems for small and large-scale beverage production can only benefit the organizations that seek to use such systems, as well as the greater world.

Curt Jungwirth holds these thoughts in the back of his mind as he continues to tinker and invent with his ongoing design iterations, and to formulate his future plans. With a mind brimming with practical ideas, Jungwirth adds after each, “one thing at a time.” Each thing worth doing is worth doing right, or as right as can be.